Carver [ON] Record

Carver [On] Record invites you to explore issues of identity and our shared responsibility for the world in which we live. Through the lens of oral histories by residents of Chesterfield County, Virginia. The project engages participants in thinking about our community's civil rights stories, past and present.

Carver [On] Record seeks to document and preserve the formative experiences of community-members, including alumni of the segregation-era G.W. Carver High School and Chesterfield Community High School, and synthesizes them into a dialogue about our shared future.

The University of Richmond’s Partners in the Arts Engaging Creative Thinkers Awards program granted the project its initial funding. Through collaboration with students, alumni, teachers, and artists , Carver [On] Record produced a full-school interactive exhibition in March 2015.

Looking ahead, the Carver [On] Record project aspires to continue its work as a bridge between past, present, and future civic and civil rights experiences, through senior capstone projects of Early College Scholars at Carver College and Career Academy, and alliances with students, stakeholders, and organizational partners.

Carver [On] Record is facilitated by Nelly Anderson, Toni Wynn, Dave Watkins and John Henry Blatter.

For more  information, please contact Sarah Marcellin at Carver College and Career Academy (804)768-6156 or by email at :

We hope to see you at Carver.