This week we are preparing the gym to house an interactive A/V installation. In the gym, totems with motion sensors will activate sounds and projections on a large hexagonal display, allowing visitors to organically create their own experience. Visiting artist Dave Watkins has been integral to creating this portion of the exhibit. Dave runs A/V at the Richmond Ballet. He is also deeply involved in the music scene as a musician, collaborator, and producer. It's such a privilege to have him on board! 

Yesterday, Dave came to share his sounds + magic with us at our after school program, Future Flyers. Students experimented with sounds on his dulcitar and his sequence of effects, and got to hear him perform a few songs. Then the students and Dave experimented with the LEAP motion sensors, and worked on videos. The students were amazed at the possibilities and had a blast creating their own sounds and motions with Dave's assistance!


'Through this project, we are trying to show the past and history of this school compared with how much the times have changed. I'm working on audio for the lockers, which I like doing, because I like working with computers and other technology. I think the [forthcoming] name change and everything CCHS is working on helps our school not to seem as bad as everyone thinks it is. I'm happy to work on this project and make a big change for my school.'


Nas is a talented musician with aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur and running a record label.

'So far I've composed multiple music pieces to be played from the lockers when opened. I think the project is a great opportunity for all creatives in the school to express themselves, be innovative, and collaborate to make something special.'

FAVORITE ALBUM : : : Watch The Throne by Kanye West + Jay Z